Having good aim in CSGO is crucial for getting better. Landing headshots and controlling spray patterns will help you. In this guide we will show you how to get better aim in CS:GO.

Aim better in CS:GO

Aiming in CSGO can be devided in three aspects:

  1. Movement
  2. Crosshair placement
  3. Controlling spray


Learn when to move and when to stand still. You need to move when you are in direct contact with your opponent otherwise he can land headshots easily on you. You should move in a strafe fashion so move with “A” and “D”. This works best with a pistol or SMG since they stay pretty accurate even while moving. You should always stand still when you see the enemy but he does not see you. This way you can easily land a headshot and kill him before he notices you. If you were moving we can guarantee you that you would make too much noise and miss a lot of shots. This gives the enemy enough time to react and kill or damage you.

Controlling spray

Controlling the spray patterns is absolutely crucial for getting more kills in CSGO and improving your aim. This is how spray patterns work:

  • You need to know that usually, the first 1 or 2 shots land right where you’re aiming at. The following shots will be more inaccurate. A spray pattern is: the way bullets land while using all ammo in one go. This differs from pistol to pistol and therefore it is crucial that you learn the spray patterns of your favorite guns.
  • Before you learn how to control the spray patterns you need to know how they look like. Do this by spraying your favorite gun against a wall in a private map like this one.
  • Now you can start to learn the pattern: do this by moving in the opposite direction of the spray patterns. For example: imagine if a weapon lands the first two shots perfectly straight and the third one goes to the right, what do you have to do? You should move your mouse at the third bullet to the opposite direction. So in this case to the left. By doing this you will counteract the effect caused by spraying.

Crosshair placement

The magic of crosshair placement is focusing on headshots. This will without a doubt help you become a better CS:GO player. I will convince you for example: the AK-47 in CS:GO will kill anyone with just 1 headshot! If you learn how to master this trait you will progress. The best way to practice is to join a Deathmatch game because then you can focus on landing headshots. Do not spray. Use the tap-method where you shoot in intervals of 0.5 seconds so that all your shots are accurate and you’re not spraying.

Watch this video to learn even more about aiming in CS:GO and how to become a better player with more skills. If you want to get more FPS in CS:GO, check out this guide.