CSGO case opening sites are a relatively new invention in contrast to other casino games. There has been a lot of commotion around them because of accusations of rigged odds, read more about this here. This is a huge problem in the case opening community and that is why we created a list! On our list you will find CSGO gambling sites that are legit, easy to use and fast. On these sites you can open cases just like in-game but they have a better chance of winning the skins you like. You can even create your own cases! We have listed several case opening sites for CS:GO.

Listing of the best CS:GO Case Opening Sites!

List of the top 10 CS:GO Case Opening Sites in 2019! This list provides the safest case opening sites with the best drops.

NameReviewPromo CodeGamesRating
Amazing roulette website.CSPROMOCODESRoulette4.8/5
SkinjokerOffers good coinflip games.Included in linkCrash, Jackpot, Coinflip4.6/5
VGOFreshVGO skin gambling site.Not availableRoulette4.5/5
GOCaseReally good case opening website.Included in linkCase opening4.3/5
DaddySkinsBest case opening site for CS:GO skins.Not availableCase opening4/5
CSGOFastAwesome gambling site for a lot of casino games!Included in linkCrash, Double, eSports, Classic3.6/5
FlipitBest place to play CS:GO coinflip!CSGOPROMOCODESCoinflip3.5/5
CSGOEmpireCool roulette site.Included in linkRoulette3.3/5
GamdomWant to play CS:GO roulette? Play on Gamdom.csgopromocodesRoulette, Crash, Trade-ups3/5
EZRageGood CS:GO Gambling Site for Jackpot.Not availableJackpot, coinflip3/5

Methods to win on CSGO Case opening sites

You probably already know that Valve cases do not provide bang for your buck. The chances of actually getting a skin you like is extremely low and this is where CSGO case opening sites come in to play! In order to win good and free CSGO skins there are two main ways to be satisfied with your bet:

  1. First of all: create a case that only consists of skins you genuinely like. The prices of those skins do not matter because you will always be satisfied with the outcome of the case. Here’s an example: create a case that consists of AWP Asiimov and AWP Hyperbeast or just two skins that you really like. By doing this you are ensuring yourself that you are getting worth for your money!
  2. Let’s say you really want to get profit instead of just a nice looking skin. You can create a case that can at most give you a 50% chance of profit! We advise you to only do this once for the reason that the odds of losing will increase as you do this method more often.
csgo case opening sites

We hope that we have helped you become better on CSGO case opening sites and make sure to check out our other strategies to make more profit and earn free csgo skins!

INSANE 1% Knife win this is crazy. Watch the video to learn how case opening sites work! Disclaimer: we are aware of the SkinHub scandal but it does not exist anymore there is no need to be scared to get scammed or something. Watch this video for entertainment purposes only! Only bet if you are 18+ and always remember that gambling is for entertaining and that you should only bet with money you can afford to lose.