eSport is becoming more and more popular nowadays and it is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. In fact, in 2018 there were 200 million people in the audiences of eSport games, which is INSANE! eSports, just like any other sport, attracts CSGO eSports betting. In these bettings you can gamble on the outcome of a particular match, so let’s say that you are a fan of Fnatic. You can place a bet on that Fnatic will win the match and if you are correct you will get a pay check.

CSGO esport betting sites

eSport betting will become a $16 billion industry by 2020 so you better get involved in it! We created a list of the best CSGO eSport betting sites so that you can play on safe and fast withdrawing sites.

Listing of the best CS:GO eSport Betting Sites!

List of the top 10 CS:GO eSport Betting Sites! This list provides the best eSport betting sites in 2019.

NameReviewPromo CodeGamesRating
Amazing roulette website.CSPROMOCODESRoulette4.8/5
SkinjokerOffers good coinflip games.Included in linkCrash, Jackpot, Coinflip4.6/5
VGOFreshVGO skin gambling site.Not availableRoulette4.5/5
GOCaseReally good case opening website.Included in linkCase opening4.3/5
DaddySkinsBest case opening site for CS:GO skins.Not availableCase opening4/5
CSGOFastAwesome gambling site for a lot of casino games!Included in linkCrash, Double, eSports, Classic3.6/5
FlipitBest place to play CS:GO coinflip!CSGOPROMOCODESCoinflip3.5/5
CSGOEmpireCool roulette site.Included in linkRoulette3.3/5
GamdomWant to play CS:GO roulette? Play on Gamdom.csgopromocodesRoulette, Crash, Trade-ups3/5
EZRageGood CS:GO Gambling Site for Jackpot.Not availableJackpot, coinflip3/5

CSGO eSport betting tips

You might be wondering: “how can I make a profit in this big industry?” There is a simple answer to that and it lies in the amazing eSport player base. You can use tipsters to help you predict the outcome of a match. Most of the time, the players who make such predictions know a lot about both teams and they know their playing style. They follow eSports everyday, by watching all the matches and learning about gambling odds. Just do a simple google search: CSGO eSport match betting tips, and you will find enough sites to find predictions on.

Watch this video for an awesome eSport betting for CSGO reaction!

Anyways, this was the guide on CSGO eSport match betting. We hope that you learned a lot and that you will make some great profits! Keep in mind that betting on CSGO betting sites is only legal if you are of legal age for gambling. So make sure you 18+ and bet responsibly with money you can afford to lose.