CSGO Gambling sites are getting more and more popular everyday, especially since Valve make the game free to play. This is why we have published the BEST and NEWEST CS:GO Betting sites list available. The sites on this list are safe, easy to use and have fast withdrawing and this list is 100% working in 2019! All of the sites have a promo code to get started easily and fast!

Listing of the best CS:GO Gambling Sites!

List of the top 10 CS:GO Betting Sites in 2019! This list provides the safest and fastest gambling sites.

NameReviewPromo CodeGamesRating
Amazing roulette website.CSPROMOCODESRoulettePLAY NOW
SkinjokerOffers good coinflip games.Included in linkCrash, Jackpot, CoinflipPLAY NOW
VGOFreshVGO skin gambling site.Not availableRoulettePLAY NOW
GOCaseReally good case opening website.Included in linkCase openingPLAY NOW
DaddySkinsBest case opening site for CS:GO skins.Not availableCase openingPLAY NOW
CSGOFastAwesome gambling site for a lot of casino games!Included in linkCrash, Double, eSports, ClassicPLAY NOW
FlipitBest place to play CS:GO coinflip!CSGOPROMOCODESCoinflipPLAY NOW
CSGOEmpireCool roulette site.Included in linkRoulettePLAY NOW
GamdomWant to play CS:GO roulette? Play on Gamdom.csgopromocodesRoulette, Crash, Trade-upsPLAY NOW
EZRageGood CS:GO Gambling Site for Jackpot.Not availableJackpot, CoinflipPLAY NOW
DatDropExcellent case opening website!Included in linkCase Opening, CryptoPLAY NOW
SkinbetIf you enjoy jackpot, this is definitely the CSGO site you should play onIncluded in linkJackpot, CoinflipPLAY NOW
xHowlGood roulette website.Included in linkCoinflip, Roulette, MinesPLAY NOW
HellcaseThe OG case opening website.Included in linkCase OpeningPLAY NOW
Idle EmpireDo simple tasks & get paid!Included in linkGet paid for doing tasksPLAY NOW
PvProUse your skills to earn money and skins.PascallePvPCase opening and SkillsPLAY NOW
VGOPoorDo tasks and get a commission.CSGOPROMOCODESGet paid for doing tasksPLAY NOW
VGOHousePlay CSGO gambling games like case opening and slots.CSGOPROMOCODESCase opening, SlotsPLAY NOW

In 2016 CSGO gambling was booming. Every CSGO player had gambled at least once on a CSGO casino and all the youtubers were posting it. However, everything changed when Valve got a lot of accusations of illegal gambling casinos. This led to the closing of several CSGO gambling sites, like CSGORoll and Lounge. There are also other measures that were taken against the CSGO betting community, one of them is the 7 day trade delay on steam. This made it impossible for gambling casinos to withdraw and deposit skins instantly and it almost killed the industry. But then, VGO and vIRL items came to the market. These items are not available in Steam, but they are virtual items and look like free CSGO skins. They are not controlled by Valve and therefore do not have a 7 day trade delay. They can be traded instantly & fast and that is why gambling sites are now using this form of currency. CSGO skin gambling is BACK!

Who are we?

When we say that the websites above are the best CSGO gambling sites, we actually mean it. This is not a poorly constructed list in order to get as much money as possible. We put together the best gambling sites for CSGO that are in YOUR best interest based on extensive research from experts.

We have over 10+ years experience in online gambling casinos and now we also take the CSGO gambling niche into account. We only recommend casinos that ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for you. We pick these gambling sites with you in mind.

The top-rated CSGO gambling sites that we listed are of the best quality. Therefore, we confidently recommend them to our readers. All of the betting sites listed above we happily use ourselves to gamble on so we trust them a 100%.

If you are currently looking for CSGO gambling sites in 2019, then you can visit any casino on the list, use our promo code and be sure of the best gambling experience!

Is online CSGO gambling safe in 2019?

We at CSGOPromoCodes.com get this question asked on a daily basis. That is because most people don’t feel safe depositing real money on a CSGO gambling site, which is understandable since you worked hard for that money and don’t want to end up scammed. We only list reputable gambling sites that are fair and therefore it is indeed safe to deposit your money on these online CSGO casinos.

The art of safe gambling lies in picking the most reliable CSGO gambling sites and that is exactly what we do here are CSGOPromoCodes.com. You will definitely not find these rip-off casinos on our platform in contrast to other websites. If you type “csgo gambling sites” in google, you will also see other sources that provide you with listings of online CSGO casinos. We don’t know how legit the sites are that they list and whether or not they are professionals. We absolutely recommend you to ONLY use our site because we thoroughly test every gambling site on the list and they are rated by experts. We don’t expect you to follow our listings only based upon what we say. We want to prove to you that we are reliable and therefore we review every gambling site on the list very in-depth.

What do we consider as a good CSGO gambling site?

We have been in the gambling field for over 10+ years now and we have a lot of experience in testing online CSGO casinos and their odds. We only want to provide you with a listing of CSGO gambling sites with the best odds and the most safety. We review these betting sites based on our 4 step gambling review process. This process consists of:

Fast and easy withdrawal system

We are determined to deliver a safe list of CSGO gambling sites to you, therefore we test all the withdrawal systems of each and every website on safety and ease of use. We deposit our own money on the site and test if we can actually withdraw our winnings. This means we really test the CSGO gambling site to the fullest. This will ensure that you will not end up being scammed by the site.

CSGO Promo codes

Everyone likes to play on CSGO gambling sites with free coins because it is a safe way to test your luck. On our list you will only find sites with promo codes. These promo codes will usually give you a bonus of $0.50 to get started on the site. This way you can also test the site yourself and test our CSGO gambling sites with codes. That is why we are named csgopromocodes.com.

Case opening with listed odds

The case opening sites on our listing will always include the odds of getting a particular item. This is crucial for us because we want to provide the best csgo gambling experience out there. Unfortunately there are a lot of scam CSGO casinos out there with rigged odds and we want to prevent you from losing all of your money.

Provably fair

CSGO gambling sites with provably fair guarantee that all outcomes in casino games such as csgo roulette, crash and jackpot are mathematically predetermined. This means that the casino is unable to rig the system and this allows you to check HOW the website got a particular outcome on the casino.

How to: play CSGO Casino games

CSGO Roulette

Roulette comes from France and it means little wheel. is a game typically played in a casino. In the CSGO version of the game there are three colors you can bet on with coins, black, red and green. When your bet on either black or red is correct your wager will be doubled. For green your betting amount will usually be multiplied by 14 but your winning chance is extremely low. CSGO Roulette sites on our list always have a provably fair system. We love these CSGO betting sites a lot. There are multiple ways to trick the roulette system so that you can win big amounts of money. In order to do this, you have to use the Martingale betting strategy. It works like this: you start with the lowest betting amount possible (the same amount) until you lose once. Then you double your betting amount until you lose again, so that you will get your lost bets back. When you lose again you double your bets again. If you win, you restart and lower your bet back to the lowest betting amount possible for the next spin. There are also other betting strategies that you can find if you click on the link above.

CSGO Crash

We at csgopromocodes.com really enjoy crash sites because it is easy to play with just a few coins. I will explain how it works: a player will place a bet on a multiplier that keeps increasing and noone knows when the multiplier is going to stop. So sometimes the multiplier might only go to 1.5 and other times it will go as far as 2000! Cashing out on time is the trick in this risky game.

CSGO Jackpot

Jackpot is a unique csgo gambling game because it is played together with other players! Every participating player will deposit one or more skins into a big pot and the worth of your skin determines your winning chance. So if ten people deposit a $50 skin every player has a 10% win chance. CSGO Jackpot is fun because players with cheap skins can still win the whole jackpot! This is an easy way to win free skins.

CSGO Case opening

Case opening sites work the same as the cases in-game but you can win better skins. There are also cases for free CSGO skins and sometimes you can create your own cases. Case opening are one of the most exciting CSGO gambling sites to play on!

csgo gambling sites

CSGO eSport betting

On eSport betting sites you can bet money on your favorite CSGO pro teams. Every outcome of the game has a chance. For example: Team A is playing versus Team B, 3the outcome of this game can be Team A wins, Team B wins or draw. Bet outcomes can vary because the lower the chance is that a team wins, loses or plays draw the higher your cash out will be. The CSGO betting sites that offer these eSport games are becoming really popular in the community.


Dice is a really special game in gambling. This is because you can pick the odds that you are against. Basically if you want high payouts, your winning chance is low. And if you want high winning chance, your payouts are low. We offer the best dice games out there in our listing!

CSGO Slots

Slots is an awesome game for the gambling enthusiast! You deposit money on a CSGO gambling site that is still working and then you can go ahead and play. In slots there are three reels and you push a lever to make them spin. When all the three reels show the same item, you won slots and get a big payout.

CSGO Upgrade

Upgrade is a unique gambling game that is not found in normal casinos but only in CSGO casinos. As the name already suggests it is about upgrading your current skin to a better one. This game is based on the value of a skin. For example: if you have a skin that is worth $10 and you want to upgrade it 4x, you will play CSGO upgrade in order to change a $10 skin to a $40 skin. The chance to win this is about 25%. Your chances will become lower when you are intending to upgrade your skin to a higher valuable one.

Awesome video about the BIGGEST CSGO gambling site wins ever! Disclaimer: We are completely aware of the CSGOLotto and Wild scam and we are happy they don’t exist anymore. We only show this video for entertainment purposes, so take it with a grain of salt! You must be 18+ to play on CS:GO gambling sites and always remember to only play with money you can afford to lose!