Roulette is a well-known game because of its simplicity. The game is easy to understand and learn. In most cases there are three colors that players can bet on: red, black and green. Red and black will multiply your bet by 2 and green will multiply your bet by a whopping 14! Roulette is a risky game. However, there are ways to play it safe. We created the best CSGO roulette sites list for 2019 + a promo code!

Listing of the best CS:GO Roulette Sites!

List of the top 10 CS:GO Roulette Sites! This list provides the best roulette sites for CSGO in 2019!

NameReviewPromo CodeGamesRating
Amazing roulette website.CSPROMOCODESRoulette4.8/5
SkinjokerOffers good coinflip games.Included in linkCrash, Jackpot, Coinflip4.6/5
VGOFreshVGO skin gambling site.Not availableRoulette4.5/5
GOCaseReally good case opening website.Included in linkCase opening4.3/5
DaddySkinsBest case opening site for CS:GO skins.Not availableCase opening4/5
CSGOFastAwesome gambling site for a lot of casino games!Included in linkCrash, Double, eSports, Classic3.6/5
FlipitBest place to play CS:GO coinflip!CSGOPROMOCODESCoinflip3.5/5
CSGOEmpireCool roulette site.Included in linkRoulette3.3/5
GamdomWant to play CS:GO roulette? Play on Gamdom.csgopromocodesRoulette, Crash, Trade-ups3/5
EZRageGood CS:GO Gambling Site for Jackpot.Not availableJackpot, coinflip3/5

The D’Alembert Strategy for CSGO Roulette

In the D’Alembert Strategy for CSGO roulette sites you start with a small and safe betting amount and you only bet on red or black.

When you lose you will increase your wager by one and when you win you will decrease your wager by one. We recommend you to stop playing CSGO roulette when you have had at least as many wins as losses. When you are winning more than you are losing, or the other way around, stick to the strategy until you win as much as you lose.

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Example: let’s say you begin with a bet of $10 on red and you win. Now you will decrease your bet by $1 and bet on black and you win again. At this moment have $19 profit. You place a $8 bet on red and you lose, so now you place a bet of $9 on black and you lose again. You won twice and you lose twice, but you still have profit. This is because you had $19 profit and then you lost 8+9=$17, so you made $2 profit!

That’s all, you have learned everything you need to know about CSGO roulette sites so you can start and win those free CSGO skins!

Phantomlord goes ALL IN on green and wins! This is crazy! We are aware of the Phantomlord gambling scam but this video is only meant for entertainment purposes. Keep in mind to gamble responsibly and that you must be 18+ to start betting. Check out this guide to learn more!