Bunny hopping is awesome. You can get some epic troll kills while doing it and to be honest, it looks bad-ass! When you are the only one of your friends to be able to bhop in CS:GO everything will think you are cool. In this article we will teach you how to bhop.

how to bhop in CSGO

Essentials you need before starting

  1. Type this in your console: – bind mwheeldown +jump and -bind mwheelup +jump
  2. Go to keyboard settings and bind ”Jump” from space bar to your mouse wheel.

These steps are crucial to learn how to Bhop in CSGO because it will make everything way easier. Also, having good frame rates can be useful. Learn more about this here.

So, how do I BHOP?

Run in a straight line while jumping aswell. And when you are about to land on the ground you will scroll with your mouse up and the next time you will scroll down. This is a simple BHOP.

To improve your BHOP in CSGO you can use the Strafe jumping method. Strafe jumping is: running and jumping forward while also moving to the left and then to the right. Do this by alternating between pressing “A” + looking to the left and pressing “D” + looking to the right. Practise bhopping on this map.

Watch this video from Nadeking to learn more about how to BHOP in CSGO!