Mastering throwing grenades or throwables is the finishing touch in becoming a better CS:GO player. In this guide we will explain how to master using throwables.

CSGO grenades

Types of grenades in CS:GO

In CS:GO there are five different throwables in CS:GO. We have HE grenades, smoke grenades, decoy grenades, flashbangs and fire bombs. HE grenades allow players to do huge amounts of damage to a group of people. Smoke grenades will block the sight of players because you can not see through the smoke. Decoy grenades work great if you want to distract your enemy: they mimic the sound of a gun and show up as a player on the enemy radar. Flashbangs temporarily blind opponents. Fire bombs will do about 20 damage per second when a player stands in the fire. They are used to protect or attack bomb sites.

Throwing distances for throwing grenades

There are three ways to throw a grenade: short throwing, normal throwing and long throwing.

Short range throwing

Short range throwing is accomplished by pressing your right mouse button when you are holding a throwable in-game. By implementing this way of throwing your throwables will explode close to you. This is especially useful for:

  • Planting decoy grenades at exact location.
  • Setting the ground on fire in close combat or at a site to defend it.
  • Blinding and blocking eyesight of close opponents with a flashbang or smoke grenade.

Medium range throwing

You can throw medium range when you press both left and right mouse button at the same time. By implementing this way, you will throw your grenade at a normal, medium distance, it is especially useful for:

  • When you are in-fight with an enemy who is at medium distance of yourself, think of flashbangs and grenades.
  • Trying to predict where the enemy is when you are sure he is somewhere close.

Long range throwing

A player can throw at long range by pressing the left mouse button when he has an in-game grenade in his hand. Long range throwing will allow you to throw your grenade really far, it is most commonly used for:

  • Throwing over high walls and long range situations.
  • Bounce throws: you throw a grenade against an object so that it will change direction to somewhere else.
  • Smoking really far places in the map.

Throwing grenades in CS:GO can sometimes lag when your PC is not super powerful, we created a guide to fix this. Click here to check it out!

Watch this video about grenades to learn more in depth information about how to use grenades in CSGO.