Are you looking for the best vIRL and VGO gambling sites? You just came to the right place! This list consists out of the top VGO and vIRL gambling sites that are safe & legit! These sites are tested on safety and reliability to ensure the best experience for you!

Listing of the best VGO and vIRL Gambling sites

List of the top 10 CS:GO vIRL and VGO gambling sites 2019! This list provides the safest and fastest vIRL sites.

NameReviewPromo CodeGamesRating
GOCaseReally good case opening website.Included in linkCase opening5/5
DaddySkinsBest case opening site for CS:GO skins.Not availableCase opening4.5/5
SkinjokerOffers good coinflip games.Included in linkCrash, Jackpot, Coinflip4.3/5
CSGOFastAwesome gambling site for a lot of casino games!Included in linkCrash, Double, eSports, Classic4.1/5
VGOFreshVGO skin gambling site.Not availableRoulette4/5
FlipitBest place to play CS:GO coinflip!CSGOPROMOCODESCoinflip3.5/5
EZRageGood CS:GO Gambling Site for Jackpot.Not availableJackpot, coinflip3/5
CSGOEmpireCool roulette site.Included in linkRoulette3.3/5
GamdomWant to play CS:GO roulette? Play on Gamdom.csgopromocodesRoulette, Crash, Trade-ups3/5
Amazing roulette website.CSPROMOCODESRoulette3/5

What is OPSkins?

OPSkins is a skin exchange marketplace. They started out as a small website that sells CS:GO skins and because of the popularity of CSGO vIRL and VGO gambling sites they grew into a giant skin trading platform. Now they don’t only sell CS:GO skins, but also vIRL and VGO skins. These skins are created by OPSkins as an alternative to skins from Steam.

What is WAX Express Trade?

Wax is a company from OPSkins that allows users to sell digital items instantly. This means that you no longer have to list your item and wait for a buyer. This platform allows you to sell vIRL and VGO skins for free and fast. You can also login with Wax on vIRL and VGO gambling sites so that you can start to gamble on your favorite casinos. Register here to get started.

Wax vIRL gambling sites

What are vIRL items?

vIRL (Viral) are a virtual item that you can exchange for an IRL item. This means that your virtual vIRL item also exists in real life and you can always trade your virtual item for the physical item that your virtual item represents. So let’s say that you have a vIRL item that is a Jordan sneaker and you now really want to have the sneaker instead of your item, you can just let vIRL ship the shoe to you. You can actually buy and sell hypebeast items like supreme T-shirts without actually having to own them physically and ship them back and forth, which is a major plus.

How do I know my vIRL are authentic and real?

vIRL skins are also created by OPSkins. They are working with licensed distributors of all the products that are also available in vIRL skins. They store all their items, such as Jeezys in their secure warehouse. This means all vIRL skins also exist in real life.

How are vIRL prices determined?

Most vIRL items are more expensive than items you see on StockX. This is because of the many benefits vIRL offers over StockX, such as security, 100% availability and warehousing. OPSkins can guarantee with a 100% certainty that your vIRL item is also available and ready for shipping at any given moment. On StockX you are never sure if the item is still available, if the item is original and you do not even know the seller. vIRL is the safest way to buy and sell real life items with just a few simple clicks and the prices are worth it.

What are the benefits if vIRL items?

We already named a few benefits of vIRL but there are still a lot more to discuss.

  • OPSkins will make sure your vIRL item is authentic.
  • The vIRL item is available at any given moment.
  • When you sell a vIRL item, the transaction is permanent and the seller can’t chargeback.
  • You can buy or sell a vIRL item anytime.
  • Your item are stored very safely and the digital ownership if the vIRL item is secured by the blockchain technology.
  • Trading items has never been so simple. You do not even have to physically have an item in order to buy or sell it.

What on earth is VGO exactly?

VGO skins are alternatives to CS:GO skins. Since Valve introduced the trade restrictions, famous skin seller OPSkins has lost a lot of revenue. Their sales were dropping but they did not want to give up. OPSkins thought “well, if Valve puts these trade restrictions on us why not create our own skins?” And that is exactly what they have done. VGO Skins are digital items that are based on blockchain, which can be used as a cryptocurrency. These skins work just like CS:GO skins so they all have a special wear and a special market price. They can be traded instantly since they are not a part of Steam or Valve. These skins are safer than CS:GO skins because they are anonymous and based on the blockchain technology and you can collect them just like Valve skins. You can also play VGO gambling games with them on special casino sites.

What is the vIRL and VGO blockchain?

Blockchain is a technology commonly used by cryptocurrencies. It acts as a third party in transactions. An example of a third party in transactions is when you are buying a game on the steam market with Paypal: you buy a game on Steam (transaction) with your money through Paypal (third party). This means that you are depending on Paypal for your services, which is not reliable. Blockchain ensures a reliable and safe way of making transactions by registering every transanction in a public database. For you it means that the digital ownership of your items and skins are safe and that your skins can be stolen in any way.

How do I obtain VGO skins?

VGO skins are widely available on a lot of online marketplaces, such as OPskins and trading websites. VGO skins are legit and they can’t be hacked. They are your property and you can do whatever you want with it. This means that you can gamble, collect and trade them without a 7 day trade restriction. You can also get them on vIRL and VGO gambling sites.

vgo gambling sites skin
This skin does not exist in CS:GO. This is a VGO gambling skin.

How to get started with VGO skins

VGO skins are based on the blockchain, which means that they are essentially a cryptocurrency! They can either be collected or you can use them as a payment method. Most people use VGO skins to bet on VGO gambling sites, which is a fun way to use your skins for. Remember to bet responsible and only bet if you are 18+. Register a Wax ExpressTrade account and start trading VGO skins!

How do we choose VGO gambling sites?

We are extremely careful in recommending VGO gambling sites because most of them are scams! They are trying to steal all of your VGO skins. We only list the best and safest VGO gambling sites that we tested. Most of the VGO gambling sites are with free coins and we also have other criteria.

  • Fast withdrawing. We test for this because you would like to withdraw your winnings instantly, right?
  • Provably fair system. We only list VGO gambling sites with a provably fair system because otherwise the casino is likely to scam you and steal all your skins.
  • We check the reputation of the gambling site to see if they are safe and reliable. If they have scammed in the past you will not see them on our list!
  • The house edge should not be too high because that would mean your winning chances are really small. We want you to win and multiply your VGO skins, of course.
  • Jackpot with bonusses so that the winner will get some extra!

VGO and vIRL casino games


In VGO and vIRL jackpot you can win a big jackpot of items. You can participate in this gambling game by putting your vIRL items in a big pot together with other betters. Eventually one player will win the jackpot and will win all the vIRL skins. By putting more or more valuable skins in the pot, your winning chances will increase a lot.


vIRL and VGO roulette is one of the most famous casino game in existence. In VGO roulette you can bet on a color or number which is black, red or blue. Chancesand payouts differ between these colors and that is why this game is so fun. Check out this guide to learn more.


VGO and vIRL crash is a new gambling game. It works with a multiplier that starts at 1 and gradually goes up. Players can cash out at any time, but will lose their bet when the multiplier crashes. Play on these VGO

Case opening

vIRL and VGO case opening sites are in one word, amazing! You can unbox new VGO and vIRL skins on these case opening sites. All the sites on our list are reliable and safe.


VGO and vIRL coinflip works just like in real life. You can flip a coin and bet on the outcome. There is a 50% winning chance, which is uncommon in most gambling games. If you really want profit, play on vIRL coinflip sites.


vIRL upgrade works by betting your item to a specific odd that you will be able to upgrade your item to a more valuable one. So for example: if you have a Jordan sneaker and want to upgrade it to a Jeezy sneaker, you can do so but your winning chance might only be 30%. If you win, you will get the Jeezy sneaker and you succesfully upgraded your item Jordans to a Jeezy.


On these sites you can do specific tasks in order to gain some vIRL and VGO items. These tasks vary from taking surveys and mining cryptocurrencies. Your work will be rewarded with an currency on the site that can eventually be traded for a vIRL and VGO gambling skin.


These work just like your common slot machine. You can push a button to make all the items spin and when you have three of the same items in a row, you won and will get more VGO and vIRL skins to gamble with.

Match betting

You thought that you could only bet on matches with CS:GO skins? Think again. VGO and vIRL skins are becoming really popular to bet on matches with. Play on the VGO eSport betting sites on our list!